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Class Debate Activities Assignment:  

Debate instructions 1516.docx

  Outline for Articles 1516.doc



Click HERE for the Livebinder that matches your topic: 



Research the following links to find information on your controversy. From home, you will need a login for Facts on File (FOF). User name: austin, password: austin


Facts on File: Issues and Controversies: This AISD database is excellent for researching both sides of an issue or controversy.  

Go here to search your topic.




 Try our new Gale ebooks:  




This one, Opposing Viewpoints, is especially good: http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/ovic/?userGroupName=j227901047


Password: mustangs 


Don't forget to check out current stories for all topics in The Austin American-Statesman: http://www.statesman.com


Citing Sources (links to next page)



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